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SoulShine Roasting Company


Julie Brenner ***** 5 Star 3 months ago Thought I knew coffee until I started brewing and drinking single origins roasts from SoulShine. Brian sources the best coffee beans from around the world and roasts them the same day an order is placed. Ordering from the website is easy and delivery is fast. Will never go back to buying coffee that has been sitting on a store shelf for who knows how long. Thanks Brian and Mic!

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Please note we do coffee the right way, ALL coffee is roasted to order! When you order your coffee / espresso here (on our site) you'll have the choices for pick-up, delivery, or shipping of course!
Our address
2990 Carlisle Rd. Dover, PA 17315
Open hours
Pick-up available by appointment, we roast to order!

Coffee Subscriptions

Coffees and Espressos are now available as subscription programs. (lower inventory not available) Just add each pound you'll enjoy on a regular basis to your cart on the checkout page (under subscribe and save). Once you subscribe, we will place a new order with this product every month. You will be automatically charged the same price for each order. You can easily manage your subscription or cancel it anytime with no additional charges. We thank you for choosing SoulShine Roasting Company, where specialty coffee and YOU matter!
Specialty Coffee is...

Specialty Coffee is...

• Wikipedia Definition / Specialty Coffee... is a term for the highest grade of coffee available, typically relating to the entire supply chain, using single origin or single estate coffee. This refers to a modern demand for exceptional quality coffee, both farmed and brewed to a significantly higher than average standard. • Our coffee is ALL natural, roasted beans from the roaster, Nothing else! • Flavors noted are incurred naturally. Roasters and growers use the term cupping notes, which simply means the natural notes of the coffee bean from this particular harvest. Wines are also described the same way. • Examples include : Chocolate, buttery, smokey, strawberry, etc... • Coffee "picks" up notes by many external factors including, the soil and what grows around the beans, what it's shaded by, and many more factors... • Roasting also greatly affects the flavors of the bean as many beans have a "sweet" spot or some beans have many "sweet" spots, where the flavors change dramatically. • Single Origin or Micro-Lot simply means we can pinpoint where it grows on a map, and we know the farm(s) in which it's grown in addition to whom it's grown by. It also indicates a single bean coffee, although Arabica has many varietals • Processes : Washed, Dry or Natural, Honey... confused we get it click this button to learn more...
Tasting Parties , Custom Orders, Business Solutions

Tasting Parties , Custom Orders, Business Solutions

• Interested in having a Free group coffee / espresso tasting? • Interested in business services/ pricing...etc..? • Want to know about making you a custom blend? We love that! • Want more information about our coffee or company in Dover, PA.?
We take as much pride serving you and your family, office, restaurant or other business.... every order precisely done for you and roasted to order! Don't worry it doesn't take any longer, we just care about coffee & you! We can provide your establishment with coffee, equipment, service and provide weekly free deliveries locally and ship anywhere of course! CUSTOM PACKAGING.... ABSOLUTELY! LET US HELP YOU CREATE YOUR OWN BLEND / SINGLE ORIGIN, PUTTING YOUR SIGNATURE SPIN ON PROVING THAT YOU CARE!
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